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Festival of Literature 2023 student work: Home

Festival of Literature 2023 Student work

Franklings: Project is a co-curricular opportunity for PLC Sydney students to extend their literary interests and work on a project of their choice. We started at the beginning of Term 3 with a whole-day writing workshop facilitated by Dr Drayton. Another project opportunity was iTell, digital storytelling, which was delivered in the library as a series of workshops. Students continued to work on their own with Dr Drayton's, Dr Sukovic's, and Ms Small's guidance. They are proud to present the results of their work at the Festival of Literature 2023.

Franklings: Writing

For Franklings: Writing students participated in a full day Creative Writing workshop followed by sessions in the regular Franklings: Writing club to further refine their writing and ideas. 

iTell Digital Storytelling 2023

iTell is a Digital Storytelling project created by Dr. Suzana Sukovic, giving students the chance to combine storytelling and creative reading with sound and images. Students who participated in iTell 2023 are in Years 7 and 8.

Chesnuts by Macy Wong and  Veronica Su

Curse of the Dead by Iris Hon

A Diary of Life and Death by Sylvia Xu

A Faraway Land by Georgia Ward and Lily Summer

Obsidian Archway by  Alyssa Li and Maggie Su

A Risk Worth Taking by Alyson Sayegh and Fiona Georgakis